The Culture, Recreation and Sports Centre of Soroksár (Soroksári Arena) on the May 29. 2010, was opened.

Its purpose is to promote sporting for the population of Soroksár, providing a healthy lifestyle community conditions and serves as a cultural centre.

Beyond the community, local events The Sports Hall of Soroksár gives place to the local schools to take their physical education lessons and to a number of local and metropolitan sport club for holding training sessions, matches.

On the grandstand there are 360 seats, on demand - using the gallery and the mobile arena - further 575 seats can be expanded, so the participation of nearly 1.000 public becomes possible.

Next to the arena and auditorium, separate VIP mirror-room, 5 dressing rooms with bathrooms, a medical room and a referee dressing room, disabled toilet and grandstand areas, buffet bar, free Wi-Fi network, parking area for 135 pieces of automotive, 4 for disabled and 4 for buses - as well as bicycle parking space - serve for guests', fans', tenants' convenience.
The facility is accessible by wheelchair.

On the March 31. 2013, the energetical renovation of the Culture, Recreation and Sports Centre of Soroksár has completed. Reduction in emissions for climate change mitigation and significant financial savings were resulted with the implementation of the development and the establishment became one of the most advanced and modern buildings of Hungary in the past decade.

The project was materialized by the support of the European Union and the co-financing of the European Regional Development Fund, Budapest City XXIII. District Soroksár Municipality was acting as a patron and caring, and with the help of the Pesterzsébet City Development Ltd. as implementor.


    The location is perfect for a number of team sports, martial arts and dance sports training sessions, tournaments and championships events. The arena is an internationally certified, flexible, plastic-covered standard handball and basketball ground, which increasingly cares about the athletes' joints, muscles. In the facility a separate room is located - a VIP room with a mirror wall - which is ideal venue for smaller trainings, for kindergarten-groups, fitness, aerobic classes.


    In addition to the sporting events Soroksári Sports Hall also as a cultural center is a popular venue. 
    The location is perfect for proms, concerts, dance competitions, fashion shows, prize-ceremonies, galas and meetings.


    Full range of business services we provide for companies, institutions: it can be a presentation, conference, congress, consultation, training, team building, family day, hospitality combined with a business meeting, facility opening- and anniversary celebrations, company parties, gala dinner or other corporate and public information events, forums.

Culture, Recreation and Sports Centre of Soroksár offers services for:
Sports events:

- arena
- grandstands,
- dressing rooms
- (on demand: gallery, VIP mirror-room)

Cultural, leisure and corporate events:

- arena
- grandstands
- dressing rooms
- (on demand: gallery, VIP mirror-room)

Small group of sports and other professions:

- VIP mirror-room
- dressing rooms

We provide continuous buffet bar during the events.

Soroksári Arena is constantly looking for new tenants, partners, sports, cultural and recreational events.
During the events, programs a professional catering service, security service, valet parking will be provided on demand.

Establishment of the rental fees happens based on discussions.

Ask for and contact: Péter Kincses, executive manager is available under menu item:



(translated: Andrea G.)